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Antler Mount Supplies

Instructional Videos/DVD's
      Art of Taxidermy Series

Instructional Books




1/2 Lifesize Bears

3/4 Lifesize Bears

Bear Shoulder-Closed Mouth

Bear Shoulder-Open Mouth

Bear Rug Shells

Jawsets (Artificial)

Smallgame Rugshells


Wild Boar



Tanning Products



Fish Supplies

Reproduction Fish

Reproduction Antlers

Tohickon Eyes

(Glass and Flex)



Wood Panels/Plaques

Tools / Equipment

Scalpel Blades/Handles


Clays and Glues

Molding/Casting Materials


Reproduction Skulls

Artificial Rocks

Habitat Materials

Beginners Section

Paint Schedules
       W.T. Deer

Antler Mounting Kits/
Supplies and Instructions

Instructions for mounting
Freeze Dried Feet)

Mounting Kits (Deer, Ducks
Squirrels, Turkey Tails)

Turkey Head Painting

Turkey Tail/Beard Mounting

Tanning Instructions

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Seasonal Favorites

Antler Mount Kits

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Squirrel Mounting Kit


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Deer Mounting Kit


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Duck Mounting Kit


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  Seconds, Rejects, and Specials
Save Big,  check-out our "Seconds and Reject" page
for special prices on some of our forms.

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NEW  for 2016

Reproduction Antlers

Whitetail Reproduction Antlers
293 B&C -  PA, Buck

Whitetail Reproduction Antlers
192 B&C  -  IL, Buck

Go Here for Complete selection





New  Semi-Upright
8600 Lancaster WT Deer




New  Fish Shears

Easy Snip Fish Shears

Used and recommended by professional taxidermist.  Spring loaded handle makes it easy on the hands and serrated blades cuts thru heavy fish bones.




Paint Special

up to
68% Off
Quarts of Lifetone and Hydro-Mist Paints.
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2016 Catalog

Coming Soon

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Better Shipping Cost*


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New Reproduction Skulls with Teeth


Available NOW:

       Medium, Large and X-Large
      Hanger Hole molded-in skull
      Pedicle or Slotted style 
      3" Sq Stock for Antlers included             

More info.....





Tom Weickum
Cape Buffalo


Click Here 
for sizes and poses






                  Alert Semi-Sneak Position
                                      Slimmer Head and Muzzle
                                                    Forward ALERT LOOK eye set
                                                                 Medium Swelled neck
                                                                               16-21 inch necks available NOW

           See Special Offer  HERE


New  Fish Painting Instructional DVD's 
Rick Krane of Anglers Artistry

view sample of video - click here


Largemouth, Smallmouth, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout and more
click here for complete details 



New Black Bear
with finished Mouth Cup.  

These Rugshell mouths require NO finish work.  Six Black Bear and one Grizzly available.


New Slack-Jaw Rugshell with Mouth Cup

Slack-jaw are becoming very popular .  Available in 4 Black and 1 Grizzly


New Mouth Cups for Bear by Mohr

Completely finished, available for Black and Grizzly Bears

Click Here


Barnwood Style
Panels and Bases

Available for Antler Mounts and
Shoulder Mounts

Go Here




78 x 30  Fits 7 Foot   

117 x 45    Fits 10 Foot  

New  ALG-91
Swimming Alligator - Available Now
Fits 9 foot  

Mouth Inserts

available to fit 6 to 13 foot alligators


Alligator Eyes

  Gator Eyes
available in 18, 20 & 22mm

New Alligator Head

S-ALGH-11           BuyNow




Mounting Alligators

5 New DVD's on Mounting Alligators, Alligator Rugs, Half Mounts and more!

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WT Deer Eye 

Reference Cast

I have used this eye cast for years and it is one of the best.  I made this cast off a fresh deer and it has excellent detail of all aspects of the eye.  Eyelid placement, Carnuckle, nictating membrain are all in this cast.  The cast is available with or without a glass eye molded into the cast.  I highly recommend the cast with the glass eye.  Cast is made with solid urethane and will last a lifetime.


S-ERC-1.......NO GLASS EYE.........$11.90

S-ERC-1E.........WITH GLASS EYE........$16.50







Ron Reynolds
Fish Painting Schedules

The second edition of Ron's Fish Painting Schedules is now available.  It contains full color step-by-step instructions for painting 33 different species of warm and cold water fish.  They include:
Butterfly, Royal and Female Peacock Bass,  Tiger Fish, Yellow Eyed Rock Fish, Copper Rock Fish, Quillback Rock Fish, Sauger, Hybrid Bass, Sheefish, Ling, Bowfin, Palomino Trout, Golden Trout, Stream Brown Trout, Splake, Steelhead, Spawning Steelhead, Sockeye Salmon, Coho Salmon, King Salmon, Chum Salmon, Pink Salmon, Land Lock (Qiananiche) Salmon, Spawning Steelhead, Leopard Trout, Dolly Varden, Cutthroat Trout,  Tiger Trout, Chain Pickerel, and Rock Bass



Sample Pages

Fish Painting Schedules

Volume #1
by Ron Reynolds

91 pages chocked full of full color instructions for painting 22 different species of fresh and cold water fish.

Each schedule gives detailed step by step instructions with specified paints and procedures. 

Go here for more information



"Art of Taxidermy Video Series"
Everything you ever wanted to learn about taxidermy is on these DVD's.  The individual artist guides you thru the process and answers most of your questions about taxidermy
Titles include:   Skinning and Caping,  Mounting Standing Waterfowl,  Painting a Walleye,  Painting Largemouth Bass,  Mounting a WT Deer,  Mounting Elk,  Antler Panel Mounts,  Staining Horns and Antlers.....and many more
Click Here for a complete list of titles

   Re-Designed Whitetails





We have re-designed our very popular line of WT Deer.   Added were leg extensions,  new brisket design and head attitude.



World Taxidermy Convention

Both winners below were  painted with Jim Allred's Rub-On Paints

Rub-On Paints


click to enlarge photos

Mike Ross - Colorado

Masters-2nd place Cold Water

Best of Show - Colorado

Best Fish - Colorado

Dan Hudzik - IL

1st Place - Reptiles

Painted entirely with Rub-On Paints


New Lake Country
Fish Reproductions





Available assembled ready to paint or unassembled.  Eyes are included and installed.   Available for Bass, Trout, Bream, Catfish and many more.

click here for more information



Don't miss your state convention this year!!   State, regional and national conventions are a great place to learn new techniques and methods from the best taxidermist in the world.  For a complete list of state conventions.
Click Here


Antler Mount Bases
includes bases for deer, elk and Moose

click here for
Deer Bases   Elk Bases   Moose Bases


New  Fish Painting Instructional DVD's 
Rick Krane of Anglers Artistry

view sample of video - click here

Largemouth, Smallmouth, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout and more
click here for complete details 



View short video clip
of DVD

Now available in DVD Format
See all of our
Instructional Videos

Mounting a
Whitetail Deer
with Robert Holder

Hey,  I just finished watching your video "Mounting A Whitetail Deer" that I purchased from your online store and I just wanted you to know that it was money well spent. I was in aw at how talented Robert Holder is! I am just now learning the steps of taxidermy and can only hope to be a fragment as good as him. I have already watched a couple of videos on mounting whitetails and his is *definitely...hands down... the best by far with both the teaching aspects of it and the quality work he does. Even a well seasoned taxidermist would benefit from his video. Robert definitely sold me on the products he used in the video also, so...I'll be looking forward to shopping in your online store.  By the way, I'm from Alabama and he had more of a southern accent than I do...Ha ha!  Again, Thank you for the great video you guys made!

Gina Ritter



Taxidermist David Ellzey

New GifSquirrel Mounting Videos
with David Ellsey

One of the premiere smallgame taxidermist take you step-by-step mounting a squirrel.  One of the best areas for beginners to start their taxidermy education.

click here
for more information

Turkey Tail mount

Mounting a
Turkey Tail and Beard


Click Here



 Reproduction Skulls

reproduction skulls
now available - ELK, WT Deer, Mule Deer, Antelope, Moose and Caribou
NEW!!!  step-by-step instructions with pictures
click here

deer mounting kits and mounting kits

Mounting Kits for

available for:
Deer, Birds, Squirrel, Turkey Tails and antler mounts

click here


Antler Mounting Kits

complete instructions and supplies
click here

The Hottest thing going for the fish taxidermist!

rub on paints
New Rub-On Paints

Unbeatable Prices  

scalpel blades

  Scalpel Blades

sizes 10, 11, 20,21, 22, 25
$18.95/box of 100
Click Here

New!!  Now Available
Fast becoming our #1 seller!!
On-Sale Now
Click Here


Hunt Of A Lifetime" is a nonprofit organization with a mission to grant hunting & fishing adventures and dreams for
children age 21 and under, who have been diagnosed with life threatening illnesses. We are doing what we can to make a difference in their life, a dream come true.


Please visit our Sponsors:

deer in water



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